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· 2010-03-09

Community Discussion - Part1

I thought it would be a good idea to try and engage you – the fine openSUSE community – in discussion about “Us” the Community.  We seemed to have been spoiled by having a Community Manager, people kind of seemed to let him do the work or worse expected him to do so.  Now that we don’t have that position any more we need to go back to basics and start rolling our sleeves up.  We’ve started but we have much to do.  As such this is the first in I’m not sure how many posts on the subject.

To save me having to repeat myself constantly I’ll do a small disclaimer now: THESE ARE MY OPINIONS AND THOUGHTS AND NOT GOSPEL! I AM NOT EMPLOYED BY NOVELL! I WANT TO GET A DISCUSSION GOING NOT A FLAME WAR!

In my opinion this topic is linked to my previous post about the “Planning For The Future“.  The key here is to remain agile, able to flex, roll, bounce, jump and basically move with the times.  If we impose strict rigid requirements then things will start to crack and crumble.

So what do I see as key items needed to enable more community contributions, and get more non-Novellians involved in taking a more (pro)active role in the Project?

All the above link into one another almost inextricably, so not doing one will most likely have an detrimental effect on the rest.

We already have several items that are great examples of how the community can get on and do something great, a sample of those are:

Now I’d love to hear from people on what they think is missing or blocking them from doing any/all of the above, I’d also like to know what it is that people find awkward or difficult in joining in and being more active.  Don’t get me wrong I appreciate one of the most precious and costly commodities is pretty much standard across the board – that of time.  I suffer from that problem as much as anyone, but it doesn’t stop me from contributing, sometimes I just ave to slow down and trickle the contributions rather than pour them.  So let’s start the conversation and get ideas and complaints out in the open.  If you don’t say it how are people going to know about it?

Remember that this is an open dialogue.  Pot shots, defamation of character, flaming, and anything non-constructive will NOT be tolerated.  Let’s keep it clean and helpful.  Listing things that our peers do better than us and also what they do worse than us would most likely open eyes.

How one gets to the future greatly depends on how one deals with the present and learns from the past.

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