Story telling your Gitorious exploits

Suffice it to say, I’m actually enjoying my Storytlr install – maybe enjoy isn’t the right word but you get my drift, don’t you?  Well I was determined to loose my coding virginity, and Storytlr’s plugin system seemed to be the safest way to do so.

I chose to base my plugin on an existing plugin, and my two options were creating a plugin (based on the Vimeo plugin) or a Gitorious plugin based on the Github plugin).  Guess which one I chose? No, not the one dufus!!

So I can now present you with the shiny new Gitorious plugin for Storytlr.  You can grab the code from here.  Yes I am acutely aware of the irony of hosting the code for this on Github :-) but to be honest for a coding dunce like moi, Github makes it easier.  Oh and the fact that the active developers are on Github makes things easier (for branching etc.).

Anyhow, just to prove it does work here’s a little snap of it in action:

Screenshot of my Gitorious plugin for Storytlr

I do have to give big props to John Hobbs whos code I aped, and who code reviewed and fixed up my syntax – thanks.

I’m off to Brussels in the morning for FOSDEM, so I might/might not get round to doing my second plugin.  If you’re there look me up :-)