Community Discussion - Part 7

Yes I’m still at it, trying to get YOU the openSUSE community talking about what is important to you.  This time round I’d like to hear your opinions and thoughts about something.  I’m going to keep my views on the matter quiet until we get some dialogue going, so if you want to hear my thoughts (and let’s face it who doesn’t? ;-) ) best you start airing your opinions.

So what is the topic? That of Community Manager.  As many are aware, Novell have started interviewing for a replacement.  Some were not happy with how the role was done in the past and some and some were, but the key part of that statement is PAST!  Let’s move on and look to the future, and as part of that looking forward to the future I would like to hear what YOU would like from the new Community Manager?

Let’s take a moment to see what the official blurb for the job vacancy said:

“*As openSUSE Community Manager, you will work to promote the openSUSE Project, openSUSE Build Service, and sub-projects such as the education project. Your key objectives will be to grow the number of openSUSE users and contributors, and further enhance Novell’s relationship with the openSUSE community and larger community of open source influencers and project maintainers. You will work closely with the openSUSE community, Novell leadership, and broader open source community. This is a unique opportunity to take a high-profile role in the open source world and make a truly global impact.*”

The listed key responsibilities are:

  • Develop and execute a marketing plan to promote and evangelize openSUSE, in order to achieve the key objectives above.
  • Plan and execute launch plans for openSUSE product releases.
  • Serve as a frequent public face of the openSUSE Project to the community by blogging; seeking and providing press interviews; speaking at conferences and other events; and actively participating in social media. You will deliver fresh perspectives and thought leadership in these activities.
  • Work directly with & facilitate activities for the openSUSE Ambassadors & Marketing Team.
  • Engage with, support and encourage openSUSE community members via online venues such as IRC, forums, mailing lists and others.
  • Help to organize major events, including the openSUSE Conference.
  • Work closely with key stakeholders from openSUSE and Novell.

So do you (dis)agree with what’s there?  What else would you add?  Also if you feel there is a particular issue that the new Community manager needs to address what is that issue, why should they be involved and how do you think they could resolve it?  How would you advertise the position?

People are bound to have opposing issue on items, and that is fine – if anything it is healthy and should be promoted.  As always this is about having a discussion, not a flame war.  Please try and be curteous to your fellow community members and if you can’t say anything constructive – don’t say anthing at all :-)

So people, let’s have your valuable opinions and thoughts on the matter.