Not today Josephine

I’ve had a lot of people ask me both within the openSUSE community and outside of it, whether I applied for the vacant openSUSE Community Manager role.

In a nutshell, yes I did apply for it.  Why the past tense?  Well I got notified almost two weeks ago that I was unsuccessful :’-(  The good thing that did come out of it, is that there seem to be some very good candidates in the running – let’s face it, they would have to be pretty damned good to beat me ;-)

I would like to thank Novell for considering me for the role, and wish those that are in the running the best of luck!  Oh I’d also like to ask you, the community, to extend your support to whomever is successful in getting the role.  This doesn’t mean that I’m giving up on the Geeko – hell I’ve invested too much time & effort to throw it away, and I have far too many friends within the community.

To the successful person: Please ensure you look after all aspects of the community, your colleagues working for “The Man” as well as those of us who do it for the love.  Let’s not loose what we have by chasing that which we haven’t :-)

Now back to some Smeegol madness with the Goblin!