openSUSE Community Question Time

It looks like I’ve been asking you, the community, a load of questions recently on this here blog.  As such I thought it only fair to turn the tables and let you guys and girls do the asking :-)

If we can make a bit of a game out of this I would appreciate it.  So first up I’ll give you a deadline of 1200UTC 17June2010 to get you questions in by.  What’s the game?  Simple, I would like you lot to pretend you are interviewing our prospective Community Manager.  Does this sound a bit bitchy to you because I’m no longer in the running?  If so I genuinely don’t mean it to be.  I just want you to actually search within yourselves, to work out what you feel is important to you when it comes to the role.

So all good games have a prize right? Well this shall be no different, the top 5 questions will each receive a prize.  So get to it and post your questions in the comments.  When thinking about what to ask, think about what you would like from the role, and why.  Also many big employers ask what appear to be oddball questions, but they are in fact very relevant – these types could earn brownie points ;-)

So get questioning!