Goblin status update

I thought it was about time that I enlightened people as to what the state of play is with my efforts of getting MeeGo 1.0 for Netbooks on openSUSE.

The good news is I think I’m pretty much there :-)  I believe all the essential packages are built now, although there is a *lot* of work to be done in getting the packages into Factory.  The outstanding work is mostly spec file housekeeping but non the less it will be a relatively laborious task.

I am currently looking at getting a hybrid iso image built so that people can install the goodness straight of the bat and have the image available pretty close to 11.3′s release – this may or may not happen as fast as I would like but we’ll see.

For those that are interested all the packages etc live in Meego:Netbook, and the image stuff lives in the meego-live package in there.  Any and all help with cleaning spec files and creating an image is most appreciated.

Talking of thanks, none of this would have happened without the huge amounts of help from DimStar, darix, dl9pf, joeyli, glin, mchang, mlin, mmeeks and vuntz. Thank you *SO* much chaps!

I will try and get a 1-Click done whilst I work on an image.  If people could have a look at the repo and let me know if anything is missing that would be great – don’t forget you can submit anything that is missing ;-)

As soon as I have anything new I’ll let you know.   So if you want to join in the fun, then head over to #opensuse-moblin on IRC and the opensuse-goblin mailing list.  There are lots for people to do, and if you want to start contributing this is a good way to do so ![:-)][1]