Counting down to the new Geeko with some robotic help

As many know, I have a few Android devices, and I know a lot of other openSUSE fans out there also have robot powered devices.  I decided the other day to try something during my lunch break – create a widget to show how many days left till 11.4′s release.

Yeah I know it isn’t an earth shattering application, but I’m not a code monkey, so any working code I generate is a serious plus for me ;-)

So my lunchtime project was inspired by the efforts of someone at Ubuntu who was doing the same for their Natty release.  I used this tutorial to help get me going.  I now present to you oSRCD – the openSUSE Release CountDown.

openSUSE Release CountDown on GalaxyTab

It isn’t perfect, but it is a start, so if there is anyone that is a bit more able in the ways of Android programming or artwork then please join in :-)

You can grab the source code from github or the .apk for manual install. And as it’s a mobile app here’s the QR code: