Get Bug Tracking With The Help Of Robots

previously enlightened people to entomologist and also showed an image or two of it running on Android. Well now’s the time to get your funk on and help test, file bugs and generally make it better.

You can download entomologist from the Android Market, or if you don’t have access to the Market you can grab the .apk. When you launch it for the first time it checks to see if you have the required Qt libraries, if not it will ask you to install Ministro (if not already installed) from the Market (grab the.apk if you don’t have the Market), once installed it then grabs the required libraries – probably best to be on a wifi connection rather than cellular just in case.

I know the UI isn’t the best for mobiles – it works fairly well on my GalaxyTab thanks to the large screen & higher resolution. Reason for releasing now is so people can contribute ideas/code/bugs/etc.

If there are any UI designers bored and fancy a little piece of fun, then please join in – I’m not looking at anyone in particular, Mr LeSage & Mr Fitzsomon ;-P