On The Road To Getting Focus Back

Some people may have noticed that I’ve been fairly quiet on the Geeko front, this has been mainly down to an insane amount of work but also some other bits and bobs.

Some of those bits and bobs are a result of my mind running away with me, I like to believe that I’m a good thinker, some people say I’m a daydreamer, others say I have an over active imagination. Personally I reckon they’re all correct :-D

This has a downside though of loosing focus.  If I was a business I would be bust or very close to going bust, as I no longer have sight of my core product and am trying to enter new markets with half hearted products that aren’t of any use to anybody. So something has to change, and as such I’m looking at trying to calm down and regain focus.

Previously focus wasn’t that difficult – after all I was charging around getting dear old Smeegol out. That was no simple task and was hugely enjoyable even though many things would really tick me off.  My pet project that I intended on doing was that little bit too crazy even for me, mainly because my C and Android knowledge isn’t up to the task, no development experience of LibreOffice and not a huge amount f spare time.  As such I’m not going to be going forward with this.  Luckily thanks to those kind folk at Google, LibreOffice has been accepted into GSOC and I believe this is one of the projects that will be mentored.

I was also looking at getting MeeGo’s new Tablet UI built on openSUSE, unfortunately I don’t really have the heart at the moment for this for some reason, and I’m not entirely sure I’m prepared for the massive amounts of pain involved.  Oh, and as a minor item I don’t have any hardware to dogfood with. So I’m shelving this idea too.

I’m going to try and go back to roots, which means chipping in and helping out with the GNOME team, after all we can’t have it dominated by the French and Swiss now can we?  I am also lucky enough to be a co-mentor for GSOC in getting Entomologist better.  So this is something that I’m looking forward to – hopefully I get to slowly and comfortably get better with Android and C ;-)  I also want to try and blog a bit more. I was hoping to be able to do some items as part of my job around Spacewalk and other bits, but unfortunately this hasn’t materialised :-(

So I’m going to try and focus any spare time on these two items, if anyone sees me do otherwise please slap me and remind me what it is I’m supposed to be doing.