The 5 Ws of contributing to openSUSE

Going to openSUSE Conference 2011

I’m going to be holding a Bof at the openSUSE Conference all about the 5 Ws of contributing to openSUSE. WTF is it about? Well I’m glad you asked (I don’t care if you didn’t ask, because I’m going to tell you anyway ;-) )

My intention is to have as interactive a session possible, I will take on the role of compère and with audience participation I will try and highlight where we have issues both as a project and as a contributor and try and get to some form of resolution even if it is just a plan not an actual fix.

So what on earth are the 5 Ws? Well they are Who (would contribute), Why (they would contribute), hoW (they can contribute), What (they would contribute), Where (they would contribute). I would also like to talk about the tools that are available for contribution and how they can be improved.

The key factor to this BoF session is audience participation, with out you the community it will be pointless. I want to see old hands and new blood at the session, and be honest. If you have a grievence then air it, if you feel there is a blocker let us know. Conversly if you think something is done right let us know, we are too proud a project & community to give ourselves credit. Everyone needs a bit of a pat on the back once in a while ;-)

So please come along and join in the discussion :-)

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