Hardware needed for openSUSE on ARM


As I mentioned before, we have an initial target platform identified for testing the work of all those involved in the openSUSE ARM port. The problem is we need to obtain the hardware.

I am in discussions trying to get some corporate sponsorship of hardware, but we can not rely soley on those kind companies that would like to see us succeed. We as a community need to help ourselves succeed, as such I’ve set up a campaign on Pledgie to enable us the community to contribute to the effort for obtaining hardware.

With these funds, we the community will be able to purchase 5 (maybe more) PandaBoards which will help developers fix packages and also test the port to ensure everything works. Until the new ARM based chipsets are released, which could be the middle of next year, we will also need a substantial number of boards to provide a decent enough amount of compute power for OBS to build natively.  OBS is great, but there are limitations with emulating the environment in Qemu. Having physical hardware will remove these limitations and enable us to prove that openSUSE is a world class ARM distirbution.

So please help us to help you, donate what you can so that we can reach our goal of €1,000.

Click here to lend your support to: openSUSE ARM Hardware and make a donation at www.pledgie.com !