Running for the openSUSE Board (2011)

For those that aren’t subscribed to the openSUSE Project Mailinglist:

As was announced last month, the Board is looking for some new blood. As such I intend to run for one of the available seats. Yes people, your lovable FunkyPenguin is hoping to be able to represent you and all your crazy ideas (I’ve got some of those myself ;-) ).

I know of a few other candidates that are running, and they’re fine upstanding folk of the openSUSE community. I believe you should think long and hard about who you would like to represent you.  The Board is in place for you, the community, and as such it is up to you to say whom you would like to represent you.

For those that don’t know me: I’m known as FunkyPenguin on IRC, I often wear a kilt, I’ve been a contributor to openSUSE for at least five years and been a user for much much longer. As part of my contributions I was very active in the GNOME team, I helped to bring the now defunct MeeGo UI to openSUSE, and lately I’m helping to port openSUSE to ARM, as well as general packaging of bits and bobs.

I’m a fairly no-nonsense kind of chap, and I will say things as I see them (I will endeavour to ensure I take people’s sensibilities into account too). I also like to believe I’m an approachable person, so if you want to speak to me off the grid then that’s fine too, although I do prefer open communication.

So for now in the words of Porky Pig, that’s all folks! I’ll be speaking to you (and hopefully not at you) soon.