Update to EuropeanWafaa

Just on the off chance that anyone has tried to browse to my blog or any other part of my web presence on the wafaa.eu domain, you may have noticed that it was returning either with no content or pile of garbled mess. Well the reason is I decided to do a bit of a tidy up.

I’ve finally migrated completely to my Microserver, and have retired my old but trusty Compaq Evo. I have also re-organised subdomains etc, so if you for some reason bookmarked my site you will need to update your bookmarks with:

Blog – http://andrew.wafaa.eu/blog

Stream – http://andrew.wafaa.eu/stream

I decided to switch to WordPress for the blogging side of things as it has more features and functionality than what Storytlr provides. Saying that though I’m sticking with Storytlr for pulling in the feeds from my random interactions on the interwebs, I still think it’s the best tool for that as the WordPress plugins that do a similar thing just don’t compare.