Boxing ARM With Geekos

Cubox next to a coin

Earlier this week, some of the fine chaps over at Geeko Central managed to get the delightful little CuBox working with openSUSE. This was helped by the fine folks at SolidRun sponsoring a couple of devices for the work, thanks SolidRun!  It isn’t 100% feature complete, but it is good enough for use as a server. The missing components are Audio and Video, so it is pretty much a headless style configuration at the moment like the Snowball.

Hannes Reinecke who wrestled things into shape has submitted several patches back to SolidRun to help try and improve things, remember folks openSUSE is inclusive and we like to give back ;-) As for installing it on your own CuBox, at present there is no pre-built image, but that is coming – honest. We just need to wait for the new kernel-cubox to filter through and then we can ask kiwi to do its magic.

This now means we have openSUSE running on a wide variety of ARMv7 powered devices – Pandaboard family, Beagleboard family, Snowball, EfikaMX family & AC100. Next up is the Origen board hopefully ;-)