Geeko goes Chrome

I was lucky enough to get into work today to have a lovely package waiting for me, a shiny new ARM powered Chromebook! o/

New ARM powered Chromebook

I ordered it specifically to have a good mobile ARM development platform. So after having used the bundled ChromeOS for the first half of the day I decided it was time to get this machine’s Geeko on. Thankfully one of the Google employed developers , Olof Johansson, was kind enough to post his steps to get Linux on the machine. So after my meetings were done, I downloaded the openSUSE 12.2 RC1 JeOS image and followed Olof’s steps. Everything worked a treat and it was an exceptionally painless process, and proof is in the blurry cam :-)

openSUSE running on the Chromebook

I now need to connect to a suitable network so that I can try out some of the desktop environments, and see how well things work.