Clarification & Credits for openSUSE on ARM Chromebooks

After my post yesterday on getting openSUSE on the new ARM Chromebook, a lot of interest was generated with discussions on various forms of media – heck I even got Slashdotted (thanks :-) ). I read some but not all of them and even the comments. One thing popped out to me, and I feel I need to clarify some things.

  1. Whilst I do indeed work for ARM, my device was a private purchase and not provided to me by my employer. Luckily as part of my role I am able to spend time doing fun things like getting openSUSE on the Chromebook.
  2. I have never taken credit for doing all the hard work of working out what needed to be done to get openSUSE on the Chromebook, the hard work was done by Olof Johanssen as I mentioned. He wrote up some excellent steps that were very easy to follow. I and all other people interested in getting Linux on the Chromebook regardless of distro are indebted to Olof for his work.
  3. I am not responsible or incharge of getting openSUSE on ARM. It is a collaborative effort by the community, and there are many others that have put in a whole heap of hard work doing things that I can only aspire to do. To name a few of the fine people in our community that have put in the time and effort would be a mistake as I will undoubtedly miss some people off the list, but it is  a mistake I’m willing to accept so here goes - Adrian Schröter, Alex Graf, Joop Boonen, Guillaume Gardet, Marcus Schäfer, Dirk Müller, Andreas Färber, Bernhard Wiedemann, Bamvor Jian Zhang, Peter Czanik, Michal Vyskocil, and many more. Without the blood, sweat and tears that these fine folk have shed we would not be in the position we are now; so thank you all for your hard work and long may it continue :-)

Hopefully that will clarify any confusion that some people may have had, and sorry to those that I missed off the list – if you feel hard done by me omitting your name off this list please let me know and I will make sure you get the credit you deserve!