Overview of the openSUSE ARM Hackathon

I just published a blog post on ARM’s corporate blog with an overview of the recent openSUSE ARM Hackathon. We didn’t quite manage all the tasks that we had hoped for, but we did get the big ones done.

For me it was great to meet so many old friends, and some new ones. I’d like to say a few thanks to some of the people involved, they all did so much and this is just some of the things that they did:

  • openSUSE TSP for helping Guillaume Gardet attend.
  • Guillaume, for his hardware doctor skills which were more than valuable and his dogged determination is a shining example.
  • Bernhard Wiedemann, for getting OpenStack working properly
  • Robert Schweikert, for getting down and dirty with the Chromebook
  • Dirk Müller for integration of the new hardware into OBS and Cubiboard bring up
  • Reinhard Max for deploying the new hardware in the data centre
  • Lars Vogdt and team for maintanence & support of the hardware
  • Luc Verhagen for being a bad influence and trying to get us all to party every night
  • Egbert Eich for looking at the scary situation of ARM related Xorg stuff
  • Marcus Schäfer for al the kiwi and Origen work
  • Alex Graf for so much low level grunt work that without whom we wouldn’t be in the current state
  • SUSE for sponsoring both the location & accomodation and also for the occaisional breakfast and lunch

In the words of D:Ream, things can only get better :-) Feel free to join in, and have some fun!