Bug Tracking With The Help Of An Entomologist

I like to think of myself as being fairly consistent, and I’ve had one request for a long time, a desktop bug tracker client. I even asked if someone more adept in the ways of The Code could help. Unfortunately my call for help wasn’t heard :-( That was until HackWeek VI came along! Luckily Matt Barringer (from those crazy cooks in the SUSE Studio team) heard my call. He picked up his code machine gun and blasted away o/

Bugging Bugs - A Call For Help

Personally I find that in Linux or any OS for that matter, keeping track of and dealing with bugs can be a real PITA. This may be in part that I’m not a power user of the services available (they don’t make it obvious how to fully utilise their service); also there are so many different types of bug trackers out there – bugzilla, trac, mantis, etc; it is also down to so many different projects use their own tracker; one advantage is that code/project hosting sites have their own – SourceForge, Gna!