The Week that was oSC14

So that was the week that was. As with almost all good things, openSUSE Conference (oSC) 2014 has ended :‘-( A huge thanks to Svebor Prstačić and his fine crew from both Zagreb and Dubrovnik Universities. They did a wonderful job, and if there were any pain points they made sure that only they felt them. The venue was great with plenty of space, the two main auditoriums were almost too big ;-) Huge thankes to Jürgen Weigert and Christopher Hofmann for organising, directing, streaming, editing and uploading the videos of most of the talks.

EuroBSDCon Day 4

The final day of EuroBSDCon kicked off (summary of Day 1, 2 & 3) and I gave my talk on “Introducing the 64-bit ARMv8 Architecture” in the morning, actually the morning in Track 3 was overtaken by ARM related talks :-). My talk went down well (no rotten fruit/veg was thrown! \o/), and it was nearly a full room people from various flavours of BSD which was encouraging. There were some good questions and some suggestions for things that could make things easier for the developers to support ARM moving forward which is always useful to hear.

EuroBSDCon DevSummit Day 3

OK so I lied, the EuroBSDCon actually has 3 days of FreeBSD DevSummit. The third day built upon some of the things covered in Day 2. The first part of the morning was taken over by the FreeBSD working groups, these working groups are the ones that do the work and integrate things that make up the full FreeBSD Operating system. There were presentations by groups like Toolchain, Security, Packaging, Desktop, etc.

EuroBSDCon DevSummit Day 2

Day 2 of EuroBSDCon (overview of Day 1) kicked off for me with the morning being dedicated to virtualization. In Linux we’re all used to the usual suspects - KVM/Xen/LXC/VMWare, so I was interested to hear what’s available on FreeBSD especially bhyve which is probably as close to KVM as one will get. Xen support is available in FreeBSD, but only as DomU (guest VM). Dom0 (host server) support is actively being worked on though to rectify this shortfall (this does not apply to NetBSD).

EuroBSDCon DevSummit Day 1

As part of my role at work I get to interact with various Open Source projects, and not all of them are Linux related. This week I’m on the beautiful, historic, sunny and warm island of Malta attending EuroBSDCon. As you can work out from the name, it is the European gathering of BSD developers and users covering all the BSD variants like FreeBSD/NetBSD/OpenBSD/PCBSD/Dragonfly. I’m giving a talk on ARMv8 and AArch64 on Sunday, so hopefully that will go well, I’m somewhat nervous as I finished my slides before I left which is somewhat unusual.

Going to the Summit of Geekos

Next week I’ll be in Orlando attending both SUSE Con, and also openSUSE Summit. Not only will I be attending the Summit, but I’ll also be joining Michael Miller in the Opening Ceremony. In addition to you being able to see, talk and interact with me, I’ll also be giving away a whole heap of goodies ;-) So if you’re in the area and have an interest in ARM or most things Geeko, please give me a shout.

The week that was oSC 11

Unfortunately the good times have come to an end, one of the best shindig in a long time has been and gone. Friends from far away have returned home, as have I. Yes, the openSUSE Conference of 2011 was an absolute blast. Seriously, I had an absolute scream. As I mentioned before I was expecting a whole heap of fun, and boy did the Geeko deliver!!! I met up with all sorts of people, starting off with Richard Brown a.

What the openSUSE Conference means to me

I was asked the other day “What do you expect from the openSUSE Conference?” The simple answer is I only expect to have fun. Seriously, I expect nothing more, nothing less. I hope for a whole lot more, but I certainly don’t expect it. This may sound somewhat silly, but in all honesty that’s how I feel. This conference (as are most others) is a great way to meet the people you interact with online, there’s something satisfying to be able to replace the digital person with a real flesh and blood person.

The 5 Ws of contributing to openSUSE

I’m going to be holding a Bof at the openSUSE Conference all about the 5 Ws of contributing to openSUSE. WTF is it about? Well I’m glad you asked (I don’t care if you didn’t ask, because I’m going to tell you anyway ;-) ) My intention is to have as interactive a session possible, I will take on the role of compère and with audience participation I will try and highlight where we have issues both as a project and as a contributor and try and get to some form of resolution even if it is just a plan not an actual fix.

Designing the missing Web UI for Bongo

Yay openSUSE is having a shindig in September, yes it’s the openSUSE Conference 2011 (aka oSC11). And seeing as the theme is rwx³ I’ve submitted a couple of BoF propossals. Now they haven’t been approved yet, so I’m not 100% sure they’ll happen but either way I’ll be there and will be keen to talk to anyone that is interested. The first topic I’d like to talk about is as the post’s subject says “Designing the missing Web UI for Bongo”.

Beer, Tech, People, but mostly Fun!

I’m going to FOSDEM, the Free and Open Source Software Developers’ European Meeting I’m going to that fine city of Brussels (yet again) for one of the best conferences going (IMHO). If you’re going grab me and say hi. If you’re thinking about going, stop! JUST GO!!! :-)