Sorry for being 50 Shades of Wrong

I was at the wonderful FOSDEM this weekend just gone and met up with many fine folk (as always) unfortunately there were also many people I didn’t manage to catch up with. On the Sunday I attended a talk on The Tumbleweed Factory given by openSUSE’s very own Release Manager, Coolo. I made a statement about this talk, and have been challenged on that statement - I’m glad that I was challenged by one of our community members, because they were quite right to do so.

Beer, Tech, People, but mostly Fun!

I’m going to FOSDEM, the Free and Open Source Software Developers’ European Meeting I’m going to that fine city of Brussels (yet again) for one of the best conferences going (IMHO). If you’re going grab me and say hi. If you’re thinking about going, stop! JUST GO!!! :-)