openSUSE ARM gains a new Sponsor

I am very pleased to announce that ARM Holdings has joined our current sponsors, by providing a pile of Texas instruments OMAP4430 powered Pandaboards and some Samsung Exynos4210 powered Origen boards! Many thanks to the fine folks in Cambridge for their most generous donation. In addition to that, thanks to the community’s donations, we have also obtained an ST-Ericsson Nova A9500 powered Snowball board. Huge thanks to everyone that has made this happen.

A Galaxy In My Pocket

Yet again I get a dose of the Early Adopter jitters – I tried to hold out but I just couldn’t. I went and got me some shiny robot lovin’ from Korea, and boy do I love this particular droid – the fabulous (IMHO) Samsung GT-P1000 better known as the Galaxy Tab. This is my third dedicated Android device, the first being the Motorola Milestone 11months ago, followed by the Nexus One around Easter time this year.