Moto-ring into Wearables

I must admit, I’m actually really happy with the Moto360. After reading a load of reviews and speaking to people that already had the device, I was fully prepared for a subpar experience. Maybe that’s the beauty of not being a bleeding edge early adopter :-) The woes that were extolled were many, and the only good thing people had to say were about the stunning good looks; battery life was woeful, not even lasting a day; performance was hit and miss; connectivity to phone was spotty; the list goes on, one almost wonders why on earth I would still want one.

Get Bug Tracking With The Help Of Robots

I previously enlightened people to entomologist and also showed an image or two of it running on Android. Well now’s the time to get your funk on and help test, file bugs and generally make it better. You can download entomologist from the Android Market, or if you don’t have access to the Market you can grab the .apk. When you launch it for the first time it checks to see if you have the required Qt libraries, if not it will ask you to install Ministro (if not already installed) from the Market (grab the.

Getting The Necessitas To Port To Android

So as I mentioned earlier I managed to port entimologist to Android. This post will hopefully explain how I did this. The shopping list for this task is relatively straight forward: Android SDK Android NDK Java development files (on openSUSE I use java-1_6_0-sun-devel) ant (on openSUSE ant is too old, I use the binary tarball from the Apache site) Qt Creator for Android SDK a.k.a Necessitas Not necessary but could be helpful – Eclipse (on openSUSE don’t use the packages available as there are things missing that prevent building for android, use the binary tarball from the Eclipse site) Ministro First thing I had done was install and setup Eclipse, I then setup the Android SDK & Android NDK – that was done months ago.

Porting LibreOffice to Android - My New Crazy Project

Yes, you read that correct – I am going to try and port LibreOffice to Android! :-) Why? Simples, there are no ODF compatible products on Android for reading & writing. There is OpenOffice Document Reader which as the name suggests is just a reader, and also OOo is so 2009 ;-) Now if I was a half decent hacker, this may not have been such a big deal. Problem is I’m an absolutley crap hacker, with almost no experience or knowledge of Android or LibreOffice development.

Counting down to the new Geeko with some robotic help

As many know, I have a few Android devices, and I know a lot of other openSUSE fans out there also have robot powered devices. I decided the other day to try something during my lunch break – create a widget to show how many days left till 11.4′s release. Yeah I know it isn’t an earth shattering application, but I’m not a code monkey, so any working code I generate is a serious plus for me ;-)

A Galaxy In My Pocket

Yet again I get a dose of the Early Adopter jitters – I tried to hold out but I just couldn’t. I went and got me some shiny robot lovin’ from Korea, and boy do I love this particular droid – the fabulous (IMHO) Samsung GT-P1000 better known as the Galaxy Tab. This is my third dedicated Android device, the first being the Motorola Milestone 11months ago, followed by the Nexus One around Easter time this year.